The following are just some of the many frequently asked questions about our writing services. If should have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks.

What is the average length of your articles?
You are free to choose the length of articles, but we recommend 500 words per article.

What type of turn-around time can we expect? Upon receiving your order, we can have your article completed and emailed within one week. If you feel the need to receive a status check after 4 days, simply send an e-mail.

Who writes these articles? My staff consists of teachers, PhD graduates, MBA students and graduates, business owners, and stay-at-home-mothers. They all consistently meet publishing deadlines and quality control standards. Each and every one of them has been interviewed, monitored, and speaks English as their primary language. Their backgrounds vary, ranging from writing instructors, to law firm staff members. All of them have been hired based on their proven ability as free lance writers.

Do you have a minimum order? We have a minimum order of 1000 words — $30.

Are your articles kept for recycling, or will the work be considered mine? You have complete and exclusive rights to your articles and we will not reuse the articles.